6th Grade Performance Task
ELA Trimester Three

designed by
Erin Van Guilder and Linda Nitsche
K-6 Academic Coaches

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Media literate youth and adults are active consumers of media including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, billboards, signs, packaging, marketing materials, video games, recorded music, the Internet and other forms of media. Many forms of media seek to create passive, impulsive consumers. A new organization, Youth Media, has been formed to help youth consume media with a critical eye, evaluate sources for intended purposes, identify persuasion techniques, and uncover deeper meanings. Youth Media is currently focusing their work on controversial issues in the media including Animal Rights, Recycling, Violence in Video Games, Cell Phone Use in Schools, and Endangered Species. The organization is looking to hire people like you to help them tackle media messages on these critical topics, to expose hidden meanings, and to pose alternatives through the creation of counter advertisements.